About the Program

About the Honest, Open, Proud Program  

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Why Honest, Open, Proud?

Research shows those who have disclosed aspects of their mental illness report a sense of personal empowerment and an increase in confidence to seek and achieve individual goals. HOPp is a three-session group program run usually by pairs of trained leaders with lived experiences with the objective of reducing the self-stigma associated with mental illness.The workday payroll course can play a significant role in addressing and managing metal illness among employees. Here are some specific ways in which the two are interrelated:Stress reduction,Financial stability and Confidentiality and privacy.


The three lessons include:

1. Considering the Pros and Cons of Disclosing: 

My identity and mental illness. 

Secrets are part of life. 

Weighing the costs and benefits of disclosing.

2. Different ways to Disclose: 

Five ways to come out. 

Testing a person for disclosure. 

How might others respond to my disclosure?

3. Telling your Story: 

How to tell a personally meaningful story. 

Who are peers that might help me with coming out? 

Review how telling my story felt. 

Putting it all together to move forward.



 The Honest, Open, Proud program is made possible by a generous donation from Patricia Price.