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Science World Report (9/5/2014): Article addressing the barriers to treatment and prevalence of stigma. to read the article.


NBC News (8/14/2014): Actor Robin Williams suicide and coming out. to read the story. 


USA Today(6/25/2014): Reports on mental illness stigma within the government health care system, the adverse impact of treatment delays, and advocating for change by breaking the silience. to read the full story.


Huffington Post (6/18/2014): Coming Out of the Bipolar Closet by Danielle Hark. .


Kansas City Star(6/3/2014): Kansas Citians push to remove stigma from mental illness. .


New York Times Op-Ed(5/22/2014): Two Michigan high school students proudly share their story about mental health disclosure to destigmatize mental illness. .


New York Times(10/22/2011): Keris Myrick opens up in Finding a Life That Fits.  


New York Times(10/11/2011): Dr. Elyn Saks discloses her struggles with schizophrenia. .


USA Today(7/31/2011): National Football League Wide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins reveal mental illness. .


New York Times(6/23/2011): Expert on Mental Illness, Dr. Marsha Linehan, Reveal Her Own Struggles With Mental Illness. .




Malia J. Fontecchio, a Los Angeles mental health advocate, write about LA police brutality and mental illness. to read about analysis.


Dr. Bettina Friedrich distributed the Summer 2014 Mental Health Stigma Network newsletter via email.  to read about new world wide initatives.  


WebMD: A feature article Coming Out About Mental Illness written by Sarah Albert writes about how to talk about a mental illness with family and friends.  to read more.


Wisconsin Family Ties, Department of Public Instruction, and The Figureheads (hip hop group; produced five songs to break the silence about children's mental health conditions. Click here to learn more this group music and positive influence. 





Dr. Patrick Corrigan speaks about the stigma of mental illness on a show about taboos in the Middle East.   to view the video.


Dr. Patrick Corrigan has a 25 year career leading to distinguished professor of psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Principal Investigator of the National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment (  Click here to view the content of a recent presentation on the Coming Out Proud program delivered in New York City in Spring 2014. 


Patrick Michaels, assistant research director for resource development for the Center on Dignity, Recovery, and Empowerment, delivers two 1-hour webinars featuring the Coming Out Proud program and mental health disclosure.   to learn more about the Origins of Mental Illness Stigma and Developing Your Personal Story of Mental Health Recovery.